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Miscellaneous Articles of Interest

The early history of ASKE

This article on ASKE was written by Wayne Spencer shortly after ASKE had come into existence. Wayne was a co-founder of the association and former editor of the Skeptical Intelligencer.

Book review

The Rise and Fall Of Jesus: A Complete Explanation for the Life of Jesus and the Origin of Christianity by Steuart Campbell. Reviewed by Mark Newbrook. This originally appeared in the Skeptical Intelligencer, Vol 26 (2), 2023.

Did a medium identify a murderer?

In this article, Tony Youens and Adrian Shaw challenge a claim that a medium, through direct contact with the dead victim, identified a murderer 18 years prior to his conviction.

Skeptical Linguistics: Mark Newbrook's Webpage

Mark Newbrook continues his regular column on skepticism in linguistics on this website. For many years this appeared, along with other papers and reviews by Mark, in the Skeptical Intelligencer (back copies here) under the title 'Language on the Fringe'.

Michael Heap's papers on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

In 1988 and 1989 Michael Heap published three papers reviewing experimental evidence for the claims of NLP, and a fourth paper in the Skeptical Intelligencer, 2008. The first three papers are still cited in contemporary critiques of NLP and all four may be accessed on this website by clicking on the heading above.