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Early history of ASKE
This article on ASKE was written by Wayne Spencer shortly after ASKE had come into existence. Wayne was a co-founder association and former editor of the Skeptical Intelligencer.

Resolution passed at the Sixth World Skeptics Congress
The congress was held in Berlin from 18th to 20th May, 2012.

Before you see a psychic
This was originally published by ASKE as a booklet.
Tony Youens has appeared on television posing as both an astrologer and a tarot reader and on both occasions he was accepted as 'genuine' by the sitters. The tarot reading was for Meridian TV's 'Focus' and the most recent programme was, "The New Zodiac" by Pioneer Productions which was shown on Channel 5, Monday 16th April 2001. Tony who is available for lectures also bends spoons, reads minds and occasionally predicts the future. His website is at:

Testing psychics
The genesis of this article by Tony Youens was seeing and hearing psychics appear in both television and radio and being allowed to promote their dubious claims without so much as a hint of an adequate test. Too often presenters simply ‘ooh’ and ‘ahhh’ at the claims and/or demonstrations given by psychics that even the simplest of controls would have probably exposed as mere trickery.

Placebo therapy: How to develop an effective and ethical quack treatment
This paper by Michael Heap presents a blueprint for creating your own 'alternative therapy'. Like other practitioners of alternative medicine you will be able to make a great deal of money and seemingly benefit lots of patients who come to see you, even though the treatment itself is complete quackery.

Did a medium identify a murderer?
In this article, Tony Youens and Adrian Shaw challenge a claim that a medium, through direct contact with the dead victim, identified a murderer 18 years prior to his conviction.

No case for free energy
This article by J.D. Rogers was written in response to a video presentation, which is freely available on the Internet, entitled “The Case For Free Energy". In the video, the viewer is taken through a series of very misleading demonstrations which supposedly “prove” that free energy can be obtained from magnets.

Language on the fringe
A series of essays by Mark Newbrook. Mark was born and brought up in Wirral near Liverpool in North-West England. He completed a BA (Honours) in Classics (including Indo-European philology) at Corpus Christi College, Oxford and went on to take an MA and a PhD in linguistics at the University of Reading, specialising in variationist historical dialectology and associated attitudinal matters. Subsequently he spent many years as a lecturer and researcher in linguistics in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. While in Australia, Mark combined his professional activities with his broad-based interest in skepticism to become one of the few identifying 'skeptical linguists'; he was linguistics consultant to Australian Skeptics and now occupies similar roles in the equivalent British organisations. He has authored several books - including Strange Linguistics (2013), the first ever book-length survey work on non-standard claims and theories about language - and many articles and reviews on various aspects of linguistics, notably sociolinguistics, dialectology and skeptical linguistics.

Michael Heap's papers on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
In 1988 and 1999 Michael Heap published three papers reviewing experimental evdidence for the claims of NLP. These may be now accessed on this website.