Aims & Principles

ASKE is an association of individuals from all walks of life throughout the UK brought together by their support of the following goals:

ASKE is committed to the application of rational, objective and scientific methods to the investigation and understanding of ideas, claims and practices, especially those of an extraordinary or paranormal nature.

ASKE is committed to challenging the uncritical promotion of beliefs and claims which are unsupported or contradicted by existing objective scientific knowledge.

ASKE opposes the misinterpretation and misrepresentation of science for purposes which deceive the public.

ASKE supports the objective evaluation of all forms of medical or psychological techniques offered to the public, and opposes the uncritical promotion of techniques which are unsupported or contradicted by existing scientific knowledge.

ASKE supports all efforts to promote public awareness of the rational and scientific understanding of extraordinary and paranormal claims.

ASKE is committed to a rational understanding of the reasons and motives which underlie the promotion and acceptance of irrational and paranormal claims and beliefs.

ASKE accepts the rights of individuals to choose for themselves their beliefs about the world.

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