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ASKE is a small organisation compared to national skeptical groups in other countries, but a number of its members are themselves very active in the skeptical arena (see details of some of these below). The activities of ASKE itself are as follows:

Maintaining this website through which members of the public and people in relevant professions may access appropriate information. This includes advice for those who may be considering availing themselves of Psychic services (see also 'Before you see a psychic') and practices undertaken by people such as astrologers, unorthodox medical practitioners, and other individuals and organisations making extraordinary and unsubstantiated claims about the validity and efficacy of their services. ASKE members themselves are welcome to contribute material for this website and have announcements placed in the News Bulletin on the Home page;

Maintaining a private online forum whereby members may exchange information and comments on current events and activities;

Preparing an online quarterly magazine-cum-newsletter, the Skeptical Intelligencer (see ASKE Publications). This contains articles, reviews and announcements of interest. ASKE members receive emailed copies of the Skeptical Intelligencer and are also sent paper copies if they wish. Members may also contribute their own articles, reviews and announcements. The Skeptical Intelligencer is circulated to skeptical groups across the globe, so it is a good means whereby members may publicize their views, experiences and activities relating to skepticism. Back copies of the Skeptical Intelligencer and a previous publication, the Skeptical Adversaria, are available to members in the Members area;

Regularly emailing members with relevant news, announcements, upcoming events, and so on;

Responding to enquiries from members of the public, professional people, and the media about matters of relevance to the above aims. We also provide a Watchdog archive for people reporting how they have suffered adverse consequences at the hands of individuals or organisations making extraordinary and scientifically unsubstantiated claims about their services;

Testing people who claim to possess paranormal abilities (The ASKE Paranormal Challenge). ASKE offers an award of £10,000 to anyone resident in the UK who can successfully demonstrate under controlled conditions,'a paranormal ability' which they claim to possess. The claimant and ASKE will jointly undertake a test designed in such a way that one outcome would unequivocally demonstrate that the claimant possesses the ability in question;

Participating with other skeptical organisations and groups at a European level as a member of ECSO, the European Council of Skeptical Organisations;

Organising public meetings. This is not currently a common activity, but in 2003 ASKE organised the 11th European Skeptics Congress and in September 2015 jointly organised the 16th such event. In the UK there are plenty of local groups of skeptics that organise talks and sometimes other activities such as podcasts. More information on this is given at Other organisations and websites.

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