The Skeptical Intelligencer

The Skeptical Intelligencer was conceived by its first editor Wayne Spencer. Initially it was being issued quarterly but getting articles, particularly high quality ones, can be difficult and time consuming. Thus following a change of editor, along with other changes in the Association generally, it is currently being produced annually.

In order to keep members informed on a more frequent basis we have introduced a quarterly newsletter the
Skeptical Adversaria.

The following is a listing of some of the articles in previous issues. We do have a few back issues left but we can't make any guarantees. Enquiries for past issues are welcome. See here for details.

Volume 2, Number 2
Topics include:
The History of Astrology, 19th Century Spiritualism, Homeopathy, Behavioural Optometry, and Irreducible Complexity.

Double Issue, Vol 2(3) & (4)
Topics include:
Contemporary Relativist Philosophy, Therapeutic Touch, Effects of the Full Moon on Human Behaviour and a special section on Religion and Skepticism.

Volume 3 Number 1 Topics include: Special feature on Evolution (including a piece by Richard Dawkins), responses to the Religion and Skepticism articles in the last issue.

Volume 3 Number 4
Topics include:
Non-conscious movements and the paranormal, Sigmund Freud's investigation of astrology, Skepticism in the twenty-first century, some stories about hypnosis.