The Skeptical Adversaria


The Adversaria is ASKE's quarterly newsletter that is now edited by Mike Heap. The Newsletter is deliberately informal in tone and gives all our members a chance to air their views. It helps to keep members updated about what's happening in the UK.

As ever persuading people to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard is no easy task. So if you have a story, a point of view, a pen or whatever then please sent it in. You can even do it by email!

Just to satisfy your curiosity the word 'adversaria' is Latin and literally means, 'that which has been turned to' and, according to Nil Desperandum: A Dictionary of Latin Tags and Phrases by Eugene Ehrlich, "is a plural noun referring to notes or brief written comments." Obviously the idea of using an unknown Latin word was to create an impression of quality and learning. This way if you don't understand anything then hopefully you will assume it's your fault not ours.