ASKE offers an award of £10,000 to anyone who can successfully demonstrate under controlled conditions, 'a paranormal ability' which they claim to possess. The claimant and ASKE will jointly undertake a test designed in such a way that one outcome would unequivocally demonstrate that the claimant possesses the ability in question. Successful claimants who reside in the UK will then be eligible, if they wish, to apply for the €25,000 Sisyphus Prize offered by SKEPP, the Belgian Skeptical society (see below).

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The Sisyphus prize of 25,000 euros will be awarded by the Belgian Skeptical society SKEPP to any person who can demonstrate to them, under scientifically controlled conditions, the ability to accomplish feats that are paranormal or impossible according to present scientific knowledge. Full information on this is available at In order to enter for the prize, applicants must undertake a preliminary test (the 'pre-test') overseen by a skeptical society in their own country authorised by SKEPP. In the case of UK residents this is ASKE, the Association for Skeptical Enquiry. Should an applicant pass this pre-test, they will receive a prize from the national society and then be eligible to enter for the 25,000 euro prize in Belgium.The rules for entering the pre-test for the Sisyphus Prize are specified by SKEPP at the above website. The national society is permitted to modify certain of these and may also specify in more detail the requirements for conducting the pre-test. Applicants are required to sign these, stating that they have read and understood them.

For residents in the UK the ASKE Paranormal Challenge (see above) will constitute the pre-test.