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The aims and principles of ASKE are clearly spelled out here. If you support these why not join ASKE or make a donation? Your subscription and any donations you offer will be used exclusively to promote these aims and principles. As a member you may just wish to be kept informed about what is happening on 'the skeptic scene' through the ASKE website, its publications and emails you are sent about matters of skeptical interest. Or you may wish to be more actively involved, for example by: contributing to the ASKE email discussion network, writing features for the Skeptical Intelligencer (including reviewing books supplied by ASKE and promoting any work you yourself are doing in the field of skeptical enquiry); helping to test people claiming to have paranormal abilities; and being available to answer queries from the media involving your specialist area.

The annual fee is (and has been for many years) £10 or you may pay £30 for three years.

As a member you receive the following advantages:
  • From time to time members receive emails notifying them about events of interest that it would be too late to put in the next Skeptical Intelligencer (see below).

  • Membership (only if requested) of the ASKEnet Private Discussion List, the primary tool by which ASKE members can bring skepticism-related articles and events to the attention of one another and discuss topics of common interest.

  • Electronic copies of ASKE's quarterly magazine, the Skeptical Intelligencer as soon as available. This includes the Skeptical Adversaria, ASKE's former newsletter. Members may also receive paper copies by post if they specifically ask for these. All members are welcome to contribute their own articles, announcements, comments, etc. Email copies are also widely distributed to key organisations and individuals who, like all ASKE members, are free to circulate it to members of their organisations and their colleagues. This means that ASKE members are not just communicating to each other but also to the wider world.

  • Members may access back copies of ASKE's publications on the Members' Area of the ASKE website. All members are informed of the current user name and password for accessing the Members' Area.

  • With permission, members may contribute material to this website, including details of their activities and work, and make any announcements consistent with the aims and principles of ASKE.

  • Members are welcome to inform ASKE if there are any announcements they wish to pass on to other members.

The European Council of Skeptical Organisations (ECSO)

Like many other European skeptical societies, ASKE is affiliated to ECSO. Details about ECSO and its activities are provided in the Skeptical Intelligencer. Every two years ECSO oversees the European Skeptics Congress at which speakers from all over the world give talks on subjects of interest to skeptics. The 2003 congress was hosted by ASKE in London and the 2015 event was hosted by ASKE and the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU) at Goldsmiths College, London. There is often a discount on the conference fee for skeptical societies affiliated to ECSO, including ASKE.

How ASKE administers membership

Three volunteers currently run ASKE and in order to ease the administrative burden we have a standard renewal date of 1st January each year. However you may join part way through the year or even quite late. If you are joining late in the year your membership will be considered to take effect from the beginning of the next year.

Membership subscription: Terms and Conditions

  • We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.

  • We will acknowledge receipt of you payment(s) by email within three days; this acknowledgement guarantees your membership.

  • If you wish to cancel your membership at any time you will be refunded the fee for each full remaining year of your membership.
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ASKE operates strictly as a non-profit association and all our work takes place on an entirely voluntary basis. We are entirely dependent on subscription and donations for our funding.

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