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The psychic industry in the United Kingdom, like that in many other countries, is completely unregulated. If you have a complaint or any misgivings about your dealings with a psychic the chances are no one will ever hear about it. Meanwhile the psychics continue to tell us about their success stories. Whilst ASKE is not a consumerist group we feel that the temptation of rich rewards lures more fakes into the psychic "industry" and helps to perpetual the myth of psychic power.

In order to redress this imbalance we are giving you the opportunity to tell us your story. Please be assured we will fully respect your anonymity and not reveal any sensitive or private information unless you give your permission. Likewise we are not interested in making you feel awkward, ashamed or silly. We want to determine what is actually going on and if possible offer our help.

Please note: Television companies do approach us to ask if we know of anyone who is unhappy with their treatment from psychics and if you give us the authority we will pass on your contact details.But only if we have your permission!
You can read one letter we received here

We want to hear from you if:
  • You have a psychic or spiritualist reading and were told things that distressed you
  • You feel you were cheated and not given value for money
  • You were tricked into paying excessive fees to remove curses, demons or anything else
  • You believe your life was adversely affected through your contact with a psychic
  • You felt the psychic was just guessing and wasn't psychic at all

Please write in confidence to:

ASKE Watch-dog
The Association for Skeptical Enquiry
10 Woodholm Road
S11 9HT

or email: