Below is the list of notes taken by Tony Batters during his interview with Christine Holohan. He identifies the date as "..on or about Thursday 17.2.1983" (confirmed by Holohan). The body of Jacqueline Poole had been discovered the previous Sunday. The notes have been numbered by Tony Batters for reference and this version is reproduced here but I have removed these initially to improve clarity of reading.

Tony Batters marked certain sensitive comments 'Not for Publication' and I have indicated where comments have been removed. It should not be inferred from this that I regard these pieces of text as being highly accurate. Indeed I think most of the comments could easily been inferred from the nature of the crime. Holohan did not give details about the sexual assault and also missed out various other pieces of information. She doesn't mention that Ruark used a "light cord" - something that wasn't disclosed at the time. However since the publication of her book she claims she did mention the light cord. If she did then is surprising that Tony Batters didn't record the fact in his notes.
Since Sun “Jacqui Hunt”. Saying shouldn’t have been there. Wasn’t well. Prescription. Murdered. Late Sat night. Knows socially. Not X- boyfriend. Friend of friend. Early 20’s. She’s going thro divorce. Person responsible.

Not a proper job. Dk skin. Known about 6 mths, part of group of friends. Not a friend. Friend of friend. Tattoo. Snake on arm + Rose. Not sure about letting him in. She’s showing me a chain. Door chain. Hallway. Side cupboard. Seemed know what looking for.. After spent 10 mins looking around. Dk skinned. Coloured. Envelope - letter. Bathroom. Happened Bathroom. 3 pubs.

Back to bathroom. [TEXT REMOVED] Keeps asking Terry.Personal life. Wanted keep quiet. Friend in nick. Guy who used to visit. Not nick - bird. She would’ve visited 2 wks before. She was expecting message that’s why let him in.Expecting message to go work. Back to nick. It’s a local man. He’s visited her at work. Chap responsible working recently. Tattoo - sword? She knew lot people. Keeps saying Terry.

Bar work. Now. that’s where she lives. Car park. He parked on corner. 2 lots of flats. She wasn’t supposed to be there. Plans changed. Afro-wavey hair - Someone you’ve had in. Not tall. He’s looking at clock. Name Stone. Barbara Stone. Barbara. Person who came in. She knew. thro someone in nick. Someone knows about jewellery. She had some stolen.Some left. He has a nickname. Not a proper name. Can’t understand saying. Grease monkey she calls it. Car, tools. Link with nick. Terry again. Name of road starts with L. I get 8 o’clock. Had experience about 9. I changed my clothes twice. Back to bathroom. Now living room. Nice. Compact. Settee. Come in a bit. You found it different. Furniture re-arranged. The cushions moved.

They knew where they were. Newspapers. Not read. He was cool. [TEXT REMOVED] Not much more than 5’8. Age 22. [TEXT REMOVED] She’s sending out pictures. 5’8 ish. Dark. Early 20’s. He’s got girlfriend. Knew Jackie. Dk haired small pretty. When you find him, his friends will be surprised. He’s still around. drinking with friends. April May Bday. He’s Taurus. Likes to drink. Police have seen him. Girlfriend alibi. A Name Tony. She’s got C in initial. She knew Jackie. Drinking with group of friends night before. Keeps mentioning Terry. Sylvia. She’s afraid to say something. Now, something about Ins. Claim.

After murder - v cool type. Looking at window ledge. 2 cups in kitchen . 1 washed up. She made cup of coffee. Robbery she’s talking about. Jewellery. Showing me a St Christopher. Her granny gave her something. Her mother gave her something for Xmas. v nice. Says Hillingdon. She was with wrong people in past. Thinking about her husband. Blk addess book. small. Mirror.

2 men called earlier. Didn’t want to go. Terry. She keeps saying. [TEXT REMOVED]. Now into hallway. Lounge. Phone. Couldn’t get to phone. I get feeling she was being pestered. Told him she would tell someone else. [TEXT REMOVED] Hung about for 10 mins. Is he still about? Jealousy was a lot of it. Did anyone see him leave? Lady across the road might. Lady with dog. Now someone called Betty. Her mum’s friend? Going for another job. Interview.

She going to break with past. He was clever with cars. Cool. Crafty. Got into places before. Done something a job for her in past. Got a funny name. Decorating. he was painter - decorator. Not called by a proper name. The name of a thing. He’s sly. You are close. The guy lives on an estate - council house or flat. She never liked this bloke. She thought he had a message. She had pills. A prescription. Fits of depression. She was drinking more than should. [TEXT REMOVED]. No feelings when walked away. Try his alibi. Friends not believe he could. Keeps on about Terry. This bloke would’ve done jobs on a friends car. There’s someone living in a flat over a shop, this friend. Newspaper shop? [TEXT REMOVED]. Was there another ring apart from these 2 ? Chunky bracelet. [TEXT REMOVED]. He did most damage. [TEXT REMOVED]. She’s wearing jeans. A jumper. She’s still ...?... from what happened. [TEXT REMOVED]. Keep in direction you’re going. You have got the right group.

At some point Holohan wrote down the name "Pokie" and "Garden" and other information.